Our friendly and honest staff will weigh and buy-back your recyclables. Just bring them by between 9am–5:30pm Mon–Sat. We weigh all material by category and pay you with cash or check.  

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Commercial customers can expect similar professionalism when we pick-up your industrial recyclable materials on a regular schedule. Please call us to discuss your materials and our routes.

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You Drop Off | We Buy Back and Accept Your Recycleables

Common Recyclable Materials [ See Full List ]:

Recycleables We Buy 

We ask that material brought into the recycling center be sorted and free of contaminants. Please see Price List for latest pricing information.

  • aluminum cans and scrap
  • non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, radiators, stainless steel, insulated wire)
  • newspapers
  • high grade paper
  • car batteries
  • steel & iron (min. 300 lbs.)

Recycleables We Accept 

We accept many materials, but can NOT pay you for them nor do we charge you to accept them. You can browse our full list:

  • cardboard
  • mixed paper (junk mail, phone books, catalogs, etc.)
  •  tin cans
  • steel & iron (under 300 lbs)

What to Do With … ?

Some materials, we just can't accept and must refuse and are better handled by the transfer station or hazardous waste facility. You can browse our full list:

  • For Sale — Recycleables we buy
  • Accepted — Recycleables we accept 
  • Not Accepted — Recycleables materials we hope to see recycled at some point.