recycling aluminium cans


QuantityPrice / lb.
under 25 lbs. 30c
over 25 lbs 33¢
over 100 lbs. 36¢
over 200 lbs. 38=40¢

Requirements: All cans must be clean of scrap garbage, plastic, glass, cigarettes, paper and tin cans. Please empty all liquid. We will deduct for moisture. We no longer can accept pet food cans and alum. foil and pie plates/trays mixed in with the cans. These must be separated - and we will accept for no pay.


QuantityPrice / lb.
under 25 lbs. 32¢
over 25 lbs.2 35¢
over 100 lbs.


Irony/dirty scrap aluminum 10-15¢
Extrusion, solids / clips, rims / wheels, litho sheet 40-70¢
Irony extrusion 40-50¢

Requirements: Scrap aluminum includes siding, door and window frames, auto and machine parts, lawn furniture, pots and pans. Remove all contaminants such as nails, screws, rivets, bolts, wood, plastic, caulk and rubber to get full price. We no longer accept transmissions or heavy irony aluminum engines effective Nov. 1, 2006

recycling newspaper


QuantityPrice / lb.
under 500 lbs. 3 ¢
over 500 lbs.
over 1000 lbs.


Requirements: Please do NOT include junk mail, magazines, boxes, phone books, etc. You may bring in your paper bagged, or bundled, however we will cut strings and remove plastic or paper bags at the scale.


QuantityPrice / lb.
white ledger / computer 6-7¢
over 500 lbs.

Requirements: Please remove junk mail, ream wrappers, self-adhesive stickers, cardboard,plastic, glued bindings, etc.

recycling copper


QuantityPrice / lb.
copper #1 & Bright Wire 3.50-3.70
copper #2 $3.40-3.50
insulated copper wire:
hi grade
med grade/romex
low grade
brass (red, yellow) $2.10-2.60
radiators (clean) $1.60-2.10
radiators (w/steel)


stainless steel (clean) 20-25¢
lead, zinc 25-30¢
irony non-ferrous .10-1.00¢
car batteries $4 each, $5 for 5 or more. 10-13c/lb  for large quantities

Requirements: Price will vary according to the "grade" or type of each particular. Remove all contaminants to get best price. Bonus prices always given for large quantities. Please ask for a personal price quote.


recycling iron and tin


QuantityPrice / lb.
less than 300 lbs accept only
over 300 lbs : 1¢ ($20/ton)
#1 prepared 3¢ ($60/ton)

Requirements: We reserve the right to reject material. no cars, transmissions, engines, very long, bulky or heavy items, no enclosed containers such as fuel cylinders or gas tanks, compressors, spray paint cans, oil drums, anything with oil or other fluids. No glass, excessive plastic, foam,  tires or wood. No refrigerators, freezers, or any other hazardous material.

PRINT OUR COUPON BEFORE YOU COME IN!: Print your recycling coupon and get 3 extra cents per lb.

WE ACCEPT WITHOUT PAY: Fllattened cardboard, junk mail, magazines, phone books, steel and iron (<300 lbs) and tin cans [ see our list of recyclebles ].

WE DO NOT ACCEPT: GLASS AND PLASTIC BOTTLES! Plastic food containers/cups/utensils, trays, plastic bags, styrofoam, buckets, motor oil, tires, yard waste, wood, trash/garbage, window glass, computers, monitors, printers, refrigerators, freezers or microwaves [ see our list of recyclebles ].