West Seattle Recycling Inc. provides a collection service for apartments in West and South Seattle under contract with Rabanco Recycling and the City of Seattle Solid Waste Utility.

We have been doing apartment recycling collection since 1991. All apartment and condominiums with 5 units or more are eligible for the program, for which there is no charge.

Containers are provided for mixed paper

(magazines, phone books, junk mail, etc.), cardboard, newspaper, juice boxes/milk cartons/food boxes, plastic jars, bottles and food tubs, aluminum and tin cans. (Please NO food-soiled materials, wax paper, frozen food boxes, strofoam or plastic take out containers/trays, loose plastic bags or aluminum foil.)

A separate container is provided for glass jars and bottles

(NO plastic or paper bags, boxes, dishes, light bulbs or window glass can be mixed in the glass container.) Containers provided are large metal dumpsters for larger buildings or smaller 95 gallon "toters" (plastic roll-out carts w. wheels). Glass containers must be toters.

Collection frequency is generally every 2 weeks

For further information contact the City of Seattle at www.cityofseattle.net/util.